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Jan 18, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC – Republican Study Committee Chairman Kevin Hern (OK-01) and Representative Diana Harshbarger (TN-01) introduced new legislation to rescind the Biden Administration’s December rule change eliminating in-person dispensing requirements for chemical abortion pills. This bill will also prevent the federal government from putting a similar rule in place in the future.

“Thanks to last year’s Dobbs decision, we have the opportunity to protect and empower life for the first time in a generation,” said Chairman Hern. “Chemical abortions are dangerous, not only to the unborn child, but also to the mother. The Biden Administration’s move to eliminate in-person dispensing requirements for use of these dangerous drugs was politically motivated and will put millions of women and babies in danger. We must fight every day for those unable to fight for themselves.”

Congresswoman Harshbarger said, “The FDA’s policy change for Mifepristone is the latest example of President Biden’s crusade toward abortion on-demand at any cost, even at the expense of women’s health. Chemical abortion drugs have been associated with staggering numbers of life-threatening complications. Every woman in America deserves to know the heightened risks involved with chemical abortions before they make a life-altering decision. My bill restores common-sense and proper safety prescriber requirements for the dispensing of these dangerous abortion drugs.”

This legislation is supported by multiple members of the pro-life movement, including:

Jessica Anderson, Executive Director of Heritage Action: "The Biden administration has exploited the recent pandemic to advance their anti-life agenda by waiving long-standing medical safety requirements associated with chemical abortions. Taken together, the bills introduced today by Representatives Harshbarger and Hern are critical to prevent the dangerous expansion of access to abortion pills - by both the current and future administrations. The abortion industry and their radical friends in the Administration are endangering the health and lives of women with their policies. I encourage all Members to support these important bills. “

Connor Semelsberger, Director of Federal Affairs for Life and Human Dignity, Family Research Council: “Despite what the Biden administration may claim, there is mounting evidence of just how dangerous do-it-yourself chemical abortions are to both unborn children and their mothers. The latest action by the FDA to put pharmacies on the front lines of distributing abortion pills—without any real concern for how this move will impact maternal health—shows just how politicized the FDA has become. Thanks to pro-life leaders like Representatives Hern and Harshbarger, there is hope that this Congress will take back its role in providing oversight to the FDA and restore true health and safety measures for all Americans, including the unborn.”

Jordan Sekulow, President & CEO of American Center for Law and Justice Action: "ACLJ Action stands in strong support of nullifying the Food and Drug Administration’s dangerous rule change lifting safety restrictions for the abortion drug mifepristone. The Biden Administration’s willingness to sacrifice the health and safety of women to advance their goal of killing unborn children is unconscionable. ACLJ Action is proud to endorse this bill, which will both protect life and ensure pregnant women continue to receive the high standard of medical care that they deserve."

Terry Schilling, President of American Principles Project: “Democrats will make exceptions to any rule so long as they think it will help promote abortions. In this case, it’s especially appalling. As bad as the previous lax regulation from the FDA was, they’ve somehow found a way to make it worse. Companies shouldn’t be able to sling dangerous pills online and intentionally induce miscarriages from afar in patients they’ve never even met. Furthermore, we shouldn't be empowering abusers by making it even easier for them to get their hands on abortion drugs. Anyone who calls themselves pro-life should support these bills."

Brent Leatherwood, President, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission: "It has long been the view that pharmacies exist to provide medication that improves health and extends life. Allowing these pills to be dispensed in local pharmacies does the exact opposite. In the post-Roe moment, our priority should be saving lives and serving mothers, not taking life and hurting mothers."

Kris Ullman, President of Eagle Forum: "The Biden administration's actions to distribute chemical abortion drugs without proper medical evaluation is extremely dangerous to women. Rep. Harshbarger's legislation to nullify the final FDA rule that expands distribution of these drugs through telehealth and mail is urgently needed to save the lives of babies and their mothers. Eagle Forum urges all members of Congress to swiftly move this legislation forward."

Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life: “The Biden Administration’s pill-pushing FDA has relaxed regulations on dangerous Chemical Abortion Pills despite a rising death toll while Planned Parenthood uses college campuses as an abortion vending machine. It’s time we protect vulnerable women, especially on college campuses, from Chemical Abortion Pills that are known to lead to injury, infertility, and even death. We’re grateful to work with Pro-Life Champions in Congress to introduce this legislation that can help safeguard women from the trauma of abortion while saving innocent babies in the womb.”

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America: “The Biden administration has proven that it values the abortion industry profits over the safety of unborn children and their mothers,” said Hon. Marilyn Musgrave Vice President of SBA Pro-Life America. “Chemical abortion pills can cause dangerous complications that are more likely to occur when pills are dispensed without a medical screening or follow-up care. We thank Representatives Hern and Harshbarger for pushing back against the Biden administration’s reckless pro-abortion extremism, and we urge their colleagues to support this life-saving bill.”

Herbert M. Newell IV President and Executive Director, Lifeline Children's Services: "Chemical abortions account for over half of all abortions in the United States, ending the lives of thousands of precious preborn babies. In addition to taking the lives of preborn children, the abortion pill has dangerous side effects on women’s health. One of the proper roles of government should be to protect the most vulnerable in society, not further hurt them. We believe that each person - born and unborn has innate dignity, worth, and value, and should be protected from the harmful abortion pill.”

Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America: “President Biden abused a public health emergency declaration for COVID-19 to advance his pro-abortion agenda. Caving to pressure from activist groups like Planned Parenthood, ACLU, and others, his Administration removed safety guidelines that protect women from taking mail-order abortion drugs outside the oversight or care of a doctor. This is reckless and puts lives of women and their unborn children at serious health risk. No President should have the authority to abuse a public health emergency.  I support Rep. Hern’s bill because it will prevent this abuse.”

Liberty Counsel Action: "It is a tragedy that the FDA is making it even more convenient to kill unborn babies by simply taking pills. This federal agency should not be using taxpayer dollars to encourage women to commit human genocide. [...] Passage of these bills will certify that Congress recognizes the implications of the 2022 Dobbs ruling which returned the decision of securing rights for the unborn to the individual states. [ more]"

Thank you to Americans United for Life, March for Life, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and Family Policy Alliance for supporting this legislation as well. 


Background Information

The Biden Administration’s Food and Drug Administration moved to formally eliminate in-person distribution of mifepristone, expanding the drug market for chemical abortion drugs to include retail pharmacies AND by mail order.

Multiple peer-reviewed studies confirm that women are at risk of severe side effects after taking chemical abortion pills - including hemorrhaging, the need for follow-up surgery, and even death. Studies have also found that after a chemical abortion there is a 53% greater risk for an ER visit for abortion complications than after a surgical abortion.

Hern & Harshbarger’s legislation nullifies the FDA’s rule change to the risk evaluation and mitigation strategy (REMS) for the abortion pill mifepristone. It also ends the ability for retail pharmacies and mail order services from distributing this chemical abortion drug, returning to in-person dispensing of the drug and prevents the Department of Health and Human Services from establishing and enforcing any substantially similar provision of a risk evaluation and mitigation strategy for mifepristone.

Jan 5, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC – Republican Study Committee Chairman Kevin Hern (OK-01) announced today that Representative Joe Wilson (SC-02) will again chair the RSC’s National Security Task Force.

The RSC’s National Security Task Force leads RSC’s policies to ensure a strong national defense and a policy of peace through strength. In the 117th Congress, the Task Force sent dozens of oversight letters, issued multiple memorandums and policy papers, and successfully introduced over a dozen amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act. In the 116th Congress, the Task Force issued the RSC National Security Strategy, a comprehensive conservative report highlighting ways Congress could strengthen U.S. national security in confronting the threats of China, Russia and Iran.

“Joe Wilson has shown tremendous leadership leading the RSC National Security and Foreign Affairs Task Force,” said Chairman Hern. “Joe’s leadership of the Task Force has established the RSC as the intellectual leader on the Hill for conservative foreign policy solutions and ideas. I am confident in the 118th Congress, under Joe’s leadership, the Task Force will continue its record of success in standing up for a strong foreign policy of peace through strength.”

Rep. Wilson said, “I am grateful to Republican Study Committee Chairman Kevin Hern for appointing me to again chair the RSC’s National Security and Foreign Affairs Task Force.

“The Task Force achieved impactful accomplishments while Republicans were in the minority, and, with the 118th Congress and our new majority, I look forward to working with my colleagues to pass significant foreign policy legislation supporting peace through strength, while undermining our adversaries such as Russia, China, Iran and other aggressors.”

HERE is the Task Force’s Foreign Policy Report card from the 117th Congress.

HERE is the Task Force’s National Security Strategy from the 116th Congress.



Jan 5, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC – Republican Study Committee Chairman Kevin Hern (OK-01) announced today that Representative Ben Cline (VA-06) will chair the RSC’s Budget and Spending Task Force, a panel previously chaired by Chairman Hern.

The Budget and Spending Task Force produces a conservative federal budget every year. In the 116th and 117thCongresses, it was the only true budget offered.

“The Budget and Spending Task Force is near and dear to my heart,” said Chairman Hern, who led the Task Force in the 117th Congress.The budget is the most important piece of legislation we can put together. Without a balanced budget, we will never get our country back on track. Returning to a place of fiscal responsibility isn’t going to be easy; it’s going to take hard work and a clear vision. Ben is a true fiscal conservative – I’m glad to have him chairing this important team and I look forward to working alongside him in the 118th Congress!”

Rep. Cline said, “I am honored to serve as the new chair of the Republican Study Committee’s Budget and Spending Task Force, and I look forward to working alongside the RSC Chair, Congressman Kevin Hern, to get our Nation back on track. With a new Republican majority, we have an opportunity to make this the budget that is used as a blueprint for advancing conservative principles and common-sense policies. By championing fiscal responsibility, I am confident we can take the steps necessary to restore economic prosperity to our great Nation.”

Here is the RSC’s FY 2023 Budget.

Here is the RSC’s FY 2022 Budget.


Jan 5, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC – Republican Study Committee Chairman Kevin Hern (OK-01) announced the RSC’s Steering Members this week.
“Strong conservative leadership has never been more important than today,” said Chairman Hern. “These leaders will help direct our bold agenda at the Republican Study Committee, delivering on the promises we made to the American people. Our constituents rejected House Democrats’ radical agenda for a reason; it’s time to get to work. I’m proud to serve alongside these conservative leaders!”
Executive Committee Members:
Chairman Kevin Hern (OK-01)
Majority Leader-Elect Steve Scalise (LA-01)
Representative Mike Johnson (LA-04)
Representative Jim Banks (IN-03)
Representative Jeff Duncan (SC-03)
Steering Committee Members:
Representative Brad Wenstrup (OH-02)
Representative Byron Donalds (FL-19)
Representative Andy Barr (KY-06)
Representative Rich McCormick (GA-06)
Representative French Hill (AR-02)
Representative Debbie Lesko (AZ-08)
Representative Diana Harshbarger (TN-01)
Representative August Pfluger (TX-11)
Representative Greg Steube (FL-17)
Representative Ben Cline (VA-06)
Ex-Officio Members:
Representative Tom Tiffany (WI-07)
Representative Harriet Hageman (WY-AL)
Representative Laurel Lee (FL-15)
Majority Leader-Elect Steve Scalise: “For decades, the Republican Study Committee has been the House of Representatives’ conservative core, ensuring that conservatives have a seat at the table and their policies make it to the Floor. I’m incredibly honored to once again serve as an RSC steering member this Congress. As a former RSC chairman, I know that Congressman Hern will fight to get our country back on the right track and listen to the American people who have sent us to Congress to serve as the line of defense against President Biden’s radical socialist agenda and fight for our conservative agenda of stopping runaway spending, putting American energy first, standing up for our values, freedom from government, and safe communities.”
Rep. Mike Johnson: “For decades, RSC has served as the intellectual arsenal of conservatism in the House. At a time when our country faces crises on a multitude of fronts, implementing a conservative agenda and ensuring it gets across the finish line is critical. I’m proud to continue serving my colleagues through RSC.”
Rep. Jim Banks: “I look forward to serving with Chairman Hern and the RSC steering committee to push our conference toward legislation that balances the budget, secures our southern border and advocates for pro-family policies.”
Rep. Jeff Duncan: “The Republican Study Committee plays an essential role in preserving the conservative principles and American ideals I came to Congress to protect. With a slim Republican Majority this Congress, holding the line is more important now than ever, and the RSC will continue to lead the charge as we fight for rigorous oversight, demand answers for the American people, and deliver commonsense solutions to the crises Americans are facing. As a member of the RSC Steering Committee, I will work to ensure the RSC continues to lead effectively, develop conservative policy, and defend America-First policies, the American Dream, and the Constitution.”

Rep. Brad Wenstrup: "I am honored to be selected to continue serving on the Republican Study Committee Steering Committee. Republicans have worked hard to win back the Majority, and I am committed to working to undo the Democrats’ socialist agenda and moving forward as a country with the conservative ideas we know work: lower taxes, free-market health care options, a strong economy, secure borders, and a empowered military that can stand up for America in a dangerous world. It will be important for conservatives to have a leading voice in the new Republican Majority, and I look forward to working with RSC Chairman Kevin Hern to provide those conservative policy and ideas on behalf of the American people."

Rep. Byron Donalds: “For fifty years, the Republican Study Committee has been a leading Conservative voice in the halls of the U.S. House of Representatives. As we embark upon the 118th Congress with a newly won House Republican majority, I am honored to announce that I have been chosen as a member of the Republican Study Committee’s Steering Committee by RSC Chairman Kevin Hern (OK-01). I look forward to getting to work advancing our shared Conservative principles into legislation. There is much to be done.”
Rep. Andy Barr: “The Republican Study Committee is going to be on the frontlines of crafting a conservative vision to tackle the challenges our country is facing. I look forward to working with Chairman Hern, my fellow RSC Steering Committee members, and every member in the RSC during the 118th Congress.”
Rep. Rich McCormick: “I am honored to join the Steering Committee for the RSC, where we’ll be fighting for policies that spur economic growth, protect American families, and safeguard our traditional values. I am already working on legislation to cancel Joe Biden’s massive IRS expansion, stand up to Communist China, and secure our broken southern border. The new Republican majority is going to revive freedom and save America. Semper Fidelis!”
Rep. French Hill: “For eight years, I am proud to have been an active member of the House Republicans’ largest caucus, the Republican Study Committee. The RSC has been the persistent advocate for fiscal discipline and the engine for conservative policy ideas. I am delighted to join this year’s RSC Steering Committee under the leadership of Chair Kevin Hern of Oklahoma.”
Rep. Debbie Lesko: “I am honored to be able to continue to serve on the Republican Study Committee’s steering committee again this Congress. I will continue to work with my RSC colleagues to advance conservative, common sense principles and policies that will secure our nation, safeguard American families, and restore economic prosperity to our great nation!”
Rep. Diana Harshbarger:
“We have a responsibility in the 118th Congress to undo the damage that Democrat one-party rule inflicted on our communities. I am proud to be a member of the RSC Steering Committee to help unite the Republican party in the House on policy that strengthens our national security, boosts our economy, reduces the size of the federal government, and brings common sense back to Washington.”
Rep. August Pfluger:
“I am honored to work alongside Congressman Hern in leading my colleagues as a steering member of the Republican Study Committee. With our new Republican majority, we have a unique opportunity to advance productive, conservative policies that move our nation forward. I look forward to championing a new course on fiscal responsibility, strong national security, and government accountability.”
Rep. Greg Steube: “I’m honored to serve on the Republican Study Committee’s Steering Committee for the 118th Congress. This committee will continue to defend the conservative agenda as we implement initiatives that will get America back on track after two disastrous years of single party Democrat rule. As Republicans, we must stand firmly for border security, fiscal responsibility, family values, and our cherished freedoms. Under Representative Hern’s leadership, I know we will deliver these results in the 118th Congress for our fellow Americans.”
Rep. Ben Cline: “As a member of the Republican Study Committee, I am honored to be selected to the RSC Steering Committee for the 118th Congress. I look forward to working with my colleagues to lead the fight for a conservative agenda for our new House Republican majority, one that addresses the many crises facing our great Nation.”
Rep. Tom Tiffany: “We have a lot of work to do to restore America to a strong, safe, and free nation, and I look forward to working with my Republican Study Committee colleagues to shape a bold, conservative agenda for the 118th Congress. Together, I know the RSC will fix problems and deliver results to the American people.”
Rep. Harriet Hageman: "I'm excited to be a member of the RSC and honored to serve on its steering committee. The ideals of limited government, personal freedom, taking away power from unelected bureaucrats, and reclaiming Congress’s rightful lawmaking authority have long been at the core of my beliefs. I will be diligent in working with fellow RSC members in support of these beliefs."
Rep. Laurel Lee:
“I am honored to become a member of the Republican Study Committee to promote conservative solutions in the 118th Congress. I look forward to working with my colleagues to strengthen our economy, promote job growth, limit government overreach, and bolster our national security.”


Sep 29, 2022

WASHINGTON – Today, Chairman Jim Banks and the Republican Study Committee released a Family Policy Agenda outlining 10 principles and over 80 policy recommendations from Republican Study Committee members to guide conservatives’ work to restore the American family.

Read the agenda HERE.

Said Chairman Banks: “The Biden presidency has failed America’s families. Over the past two years, families have lost savings, flexibility, and control over childrearing to increasingly hostile and far left ideologues. Republicans need to position themselves as the party of families. Next Congress we need to focus on reforming the tax code to create more families, passing pro-life legislation, protecting parents’ pocketbooks, and giving them back control over their kids’ education.

All these policies are popular and proven, and we’ve seen the difference parents can make on election day. If Republicans can contrast our efforts with Democrats’ record of intrusion and control then I think parents will play a pivotal role in 2022 and 2024.”

In June 2022, the RSC released a framework for Restoring the American Family. The RSC’s Family Policy Agenda is based on the principles outlined in the June framework. Read the framework here.

The RSC’s Family Policy Agenda is supported by the American Principles Project, SBA Pro-Life America, Independent Women's Forum, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, CPAC, the America First Policy Institute, Family Policy Alliance, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), ACLJ Action, CatholicVote, Institute for Family Studies, Ethics and Public Policy Center, National Right to Life, Advancing American Freedom, Family Research Council, Parental Rights Foundation and the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Read a full list of statements of support HERE.




Aug 8, 2022

WASHINGTON— Friday, Chairman Jim Banks released a memo outlining the 50 worst provisions in the Democrats’ reconciliation bill. Today, Chairman Banks circulated an updated version of that memo to reflect changes made in the Senate over the weekend.

You can find that memo here.

From the memo: “…the so-called ‘Inflation Reduction Act of 2022’ will drive us deeper into the Biden recession by raising taxes on American families, manufacturers, and energy producers… It is just as radical and destructive as Democrats’ ‘Build Back Better’ proposal and that is why they are trying to push it through on entirely partisan lines.”







Jun 22, 2022

WASHINGTON—Today, Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks and Congressman Doug LaMalfa are introducing the Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice Act, legislation to help individuals who suffer from potentially sterilizing gender-transition procedures as minors and to allow them to seek justice in court. Senator Tom Cotton is leading the Senate version of the bill.

Said RSC Chairman Banks: “The Biden administration released official guidance recommending irreversible and life-altering surgery for minors too young to apply for a learner’s permit. These procedure lack any solid evidence and have been rejected by public health agencies around the world. Ten years from now, there will be hundreds of thousands of Americans who were permanently scarred by the radical left’s agenda before they reached adulthood.

If Democrats truly supported gender-confused children, they’d support our effort to give them legal recourse.”

Said Rep. LaMalfa: “Radical gender changing ideologies ignore scientific evidence and put children in harm’s way. Every time a doctor performs a gender-transitioning procedure on a minor, they endanger a vulnerable child, potentially sterilize them for life, and break their oath to ‘do no harm.’ I’m pleased to join in spearheading this legislation which will ensure a private right of action for minors who are subject to these experimental procedures and ensure that the federal government cannot force a medical practitioner to perform these procedures.”

Said Sen. Cotton: “Gender-transition procedures aren’t safe or appropriate for children. Unfortunately, radical doctors in the United States perform dangerous, experimental, and even sterilizing gender-transition procedures on young kids, who cannot even provide informed consent. Our bill allows children who grow up to regret these procedures to sue for damages. Any doctor who performs these irresponsible procedures on kids should pay.”

Find the final text of the bill here.

The Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice Act would:

  • Creates a private right of action allowing people who had gender-transition procedures performed on them as minors to sue the medical practitioner who performed the procedure
    • Allows victims or their legal guardian to sue for declaratory or injunctive relief, compensatory damages, and attorney’s fees
    • Provides a 30-year statute of limitation after the age of majority
    • Gender-transition procedures include puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgical procedures that change an individual’s body in order to align with an identity at odds with an individual’s biological sex
    • Applicable to procedures performed after the date of passage of this legislation
  • Clarifies that federal law cannot be construed to force medical practitioners to offer such procedures
  • Prohibits federal health funds from going to states that force medical practitioners to perform gender-transition procedures

The legislation is supported by the American Principles Project, Heritage Action, Family Policy Alliance, Family Research Council, Independent Women’s Forum, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, Ethics and Public Policy Center, Alliance Defending Freedom, ForAmerica, Eagle Forum, CHANGED Movement.

Terry Schilling, President, American Principles Project: "Here's a truth obvious to most Americans: if kids are too young to have sex, they certainly shouldn't be changing their sex. Yet across the country, leftist ideologues in the healthcare industry are encouraging countless, mentally distressed children to undergo highly experimental 'gender transition' procedures which can potentially lead to their permanent sterilization as well as other long-term health problems. This is barbarity, pure and simple.  As more and more de-transitioners have come forward to express regret about the procedures they went through as minors, it's become clear that the irresponsible actors who pushed them down that road must be held accountable. This legislation will help provide justice to those misled and exploited by this predatory industry. We commend Senator Cotton and Congressman Banks for their courageous leadership in introducing it." 

Autumn Leva, Executive Vice President of Family Policy Alliance: “Every day, youth around the country are endangered by transgender interventions that can leave them sterile, missing healthy body parts, and filled with regret. Kids who are hurting and struggling need help, not harm, and that’s why we strongly support the Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice.  For far too long children who have legitimate gender conflict have been pressured into transition by politicized medicine. Children who experience gender dysphoria should not be subjected to experimental treatment and harmful procedures being hawked by a political agenda. Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice will spare children a lifetime of regret resulting from politicized medicine and unsound advice. We applaud Chairman Jim Banks and Senator Tom Cotton for their excellent leadership on this important issue to protect America’s children.”  

Mary Beth Waddell, J.D., Director of Federal Affairs, Family and Religious Liberty, Family Research Council: I am grateful to Rep. Banks and Sen. Cotton for introducing the Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice Act. The harms of gender-transition procedures are clear, yet many activists not only ignore the harms but insist that these procedures are medically necessary. The stories of those who have undergone irreversible procedures only to realize they didn’t fix the feelings of gender incongruence but made them feel worse, is heartbreaking. The heartbreak is even heavier when these stories come from children who were lead down this road by medical practitioners they trusted. This legislation gives these children a voice and a path to at least a measure of restitution for what they have endured by being subjected to experimentation by those who should protect them and “do no harm.” 

Elizabeth Woning and Ken Williams, Co-founders, CHANGED Movement: “Many among us who once identified as transgender have sought restoration after surgeries and hormone therapies. And unfortunately, some are permanently disfigured and lack the financial means to recover. Thank you, Sen. Cotton, Rep. LaMalfa, and RSC Chairman Banks for anticipating the injustice of rushing children into unproven and irreversible procedures. “ 

Kris Ullman, President of Eagle Forum: "No child should be subjected to the harmful experimentation practices of doctors who perform gender reassignment surgeries. The long-term effects of such procedures are unhealthy both physically and mentally. Eagle Forum applauds Senator Tom Cotton, RSC Chairman Jim Banks and Rep. Doug LaMalfa for introducing the Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice Act to give a private right of action to people who had this surgery performed on them as minors."  



Jun 22, 2022

Washington, D.C. – Today, Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks and Congressman Doug LaMalfa introduced the Empower Parents to Protect Their Kids Act, legislation that would prevent K-12 schools from performing a “gender transition” on children behind their parents’ backs. This bill would also empower parents to sue schools that violate this Act by hiding or withholding information about their child’s “transition.” Their bill is companion legislation to Senator Tom Cotton’s bill.

The full bill text may be found here.

Said RSC Chairman Banks: “Our schools are a place for math and history education, not gender theory indoctrination. No parent should have to worry that their child’s school is enabling, promoting, or facilitating a child’s ‘gender transition’ behind their back. This important legislation protects parental rights and ensures federally funded schools are not laboratories for the Left’s radical agenda.”

Said Senator Cotton: “Schools should never be allowed to impose radical, harmful gender ideology on children—especially without parents’ knowledge and consent. My bill will protect students and ensure parents are in control of their children’s education. Schools must remain institutions of education, not indoctrination camps where minors are manipulated and brainwashed.”

This bill would ensure that all federally funded elementary school and secondary school employees abide by the following requirements regarding minor students:

•                     Receive parental consent before facilitating a student’s gender transition in any way.

•                     Do not withhold information from parents or coerce students to withhold information from their parents about their purported gender identity.

•                     Do not pressure parents or students to proceed with a gender transition.


American Principles Project, Eagle Forum, Heritage Action for America, Family Research Council, ForAmerica support this legislation.

Kris Ullman, President of Eagle Forum: "In a time where schools are imposing harmful ideologies, we must be vigilant in protecting the rights of parents. School officials should not coerce students to engage in gender altering procedures nor encourage them to withhold this information from their parents. Eagle Forum lends support to the Empower Parents to Protect Their Kids Act in order to keep parents at the forefront of their child's education." 

Meg Kilgannon, Senior Fellow for Education Studies, Family Research Council: “Not so long ago, the hubris of keeping secrets about children from parents was repugnant to all Americans. This dangerous practice is sadly mainstream, which makes legislation like the Empower Parents to Protect their Kids Act urgently needed. We are grateful to Representatives Banks and Lamalfa for introducing this bill which puts the best interests of children and families first, by protecting the God given role and rights of parents as the first and best protectors of their children. This bill stops institutions and individuals who seek to separate parents and children from using public schools to accomplish this injustice.”