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What would America look like, if we were a nation without Faith?

Faith in the Dignity of Work: Missouri

Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO-3)

An emphasis on faith, family, and community runs deep in Missouri’s Third District, and with that, a desire to help those in need, no matter the circumstance. One faith-based non-profit serving multiple counties throughout the district is a wonderful example. This organization developed a program to serve homeless individuals until they are independent and living in permanent housing. It recognizes that sustainable work is the first step in obtaining independence, and it provides aid such as technology and transportation to help its clients become employed. In addition to immediate assistance and job seeking tools, it also provides counseling in the form of spiritual guidance, personal budgeting, and job skills. Not only does the organization provide immediate assistance with food and housing, but also the necessary tools for individuals to get back on their feet. To date, it has helped over 7,000 individuals, over half of whom have completed the program and lead self-supporting lives.

Our communities also rally around mothers in need. We have multiple organizations throughout the district that focus on supporting young pregnant mothers and their new born children. Often, these women do not have a safe place at home, and these faith-based non-profit organizations work to provide them with housing, food, and emotional support. One organization situated in a town of approximately 13,000 has housed a combined 156 women and children in their 14 years of existence. Another similar organization housed 14 women and children and provided resources to an additional 45 individuals this past year. These organizations go above and beyond by providing not only a tangible roof over their head, but also the emotional support and encouragement the mothers need to finish school or assist in finding a job.

These faith-based organizations are all encompassing and holistic with the assistance they provide. They not only counsel in faith, but exemplify it by their actions, preparing individuals to become self-supporting and assets to their communities. The Third District in Missouri is stronger because of the exceptional work they do.