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Peace Through Strength

RSC Memo: Biden and Putin: Return of the Reset?

Media Mentions-

Fox News: Over 50 House Republicans back Banks' resolution opposing Iran nuclear deal amid Russia-Ukraine war

Breitbart: Republican Study Committee Condemns Iran Nuclear Deal Reboot Attempt

Fox News: Republicans seek to expose Russia funding to US green groups with 'Putin paychecks'

Breitbart: Exclusive: House Republicans Ask Biden Administration Why It’s Not Sanctioning North Korea and China

Washington Free Beacon: Biden Admin Could Remove Sanctions on 80,000 Iranian Militants

National Review: House Republicans Give Biden Failing China-Policy Grade

Fox News - House conservatives grade Biden an 'F' on first year of foreign policy

Washington Post - Opinion: House Republicans aim sanctions at Putin, his family and his mistress

Fox News - Mike Pompeo joins House Republicans in push for Iran sanctions bill

Washington Post - U.S. provides Iran with examples of sanctions it will and will not lift

New York Post - Pompeo meets with House Republicans to unveil new legislation targeting Iran

The Hill - Pompeo joins GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill to introduce Iran sanctions act

The Hill - Pompeo visits Hill to support GOP push for Iran sanctions

Jewish Insider - 83 House Republicans announce legislation to strengthen Iran sanctions alongside Mike Pompeo

POLITICO - Pomp’ing up Iran messaging

Newsmax - Republicans Unveil Bill Supporting Sanctions on Iran

Sara Carter  – GOP lawmakers introduce bill pushing back on Biden’s Iran policy

Townhall Republican Study Committee and Mike Pompeo Team Up to Lobby for ‘Maximum Pressure’ Sanctions on Iran

Law360 – GOP lawmakers introduce bill to ramp up sanctions on Iran

Washington Free Beacon- Republican Pressure Mounts to Stop Biden’s Return to Iran Nuclear Deal

Washington Free Beacon- Inside the GOP Plan to Oppose Biden’s Iran Deal