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Secure the Border

To read the RSC's April 12th Immigration Strategy Memo, click here.

On June 30th, Chairman Banks led the largest congressional delegation at one time to the southern border to discuss the failed policies of the Biden administration with President Trump and Texas Governor, Greg Abbott:



Photos from Republican Study's trip to the border with President Trump on June 30th:

Media Mentions-

Fox News: Top House Republicans question Mayorkas' ‘suitability for office’ amid border crisis

  • "We write to address your actions to dismantle the security of our nation’s southern border and disregard for the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws," the more than 130 Republicans, led by Border Security Caucus co-chair Brian Babin, R-Texas., and Republican Study Committee Chair Jim Banks, say in a letter to Mayorkas, obtained by Fox News Digital.

Axios: House Republicans plot to impeach Mayorkas

  • The largest body of conservative House members — the Republican Study Committee, which represents more than 150 members — is laying the groundwork to push for the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Fox News: Republican Study Committee pledges to fight 'dangerous open border' Afghan refugee plan 

  • The Republican Study Committee is telling its members that it will fight against a proposal by the Biden administration that allows for the tens of thousands of Afghans being brought in to quickly apply for permanent U.S. residency -- warning of a plan to "open our borders to a Taliban-run nation."

Fox News: RSC Chair Banks introduces bill to reform H-1B visa program, protect American tech workers

  • The head of the Republican Study Committee is introducing a bill to reform the controversial H-1B visa program to stop what critics say is the use of the program by Big Tech companies to undercut the wages of American tech workers.

Fox News: House Republicans tee up border wall funding fight with Pelosi, calling it their 'hill to die on'

  • The House Republican Study Committee (RSC) unveiled their strategy to Fox News to call out Democrats for blocking any border wall construction or money for additional border agents in their homeland security funding plan. Meanwhile, the largest House conservative caucus Wednesday will offer an alternative bill to buck the Biden adminstration and give money directly to states that want to continue former President Donald Trump's fight to build the wall with Mexico.

Fox News: Ahead of Trump border visit, Republicans mobilize effort to send law enforcement relief to Texas, Arizona 

  • The largest conservative caucus in the House is calling on their state governors to send National Guard troops or law enforcement personnel to the southern border ahead of former President Donald Trump's trip to Texas on Wednesday.

The Hill: 'I want to cry': House Republicans take emotional trip to the border 

  • For many in the congressional delegation — organized by the conservative Republican Study Committee (RSC) and its chairman, Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) — this represented their first visit to the southern border.

Politico: House Republicans set to join Trump's border trip

  • Republican Study Committee Chair Rep. Jim Banks said in a statement that his caucus "has made carrying on the Trump legacy on immigration our top priority this Congress." 

Washington Examiner: Republicans turn up pressure on Democratic leaders to visit southern border

  • Eight members of the conservative RSC, led by Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana, made several stops in the Del Rio Border Patrol sector Thursday and were briefed by officials about the surge of illegal immigrants crossing the border on a routine basis. Lawmakers say officials they met with see a drastic spike of migrants illegally crossing the border and want the Biden administration to keep the Trump-era Title 42 immigration policy in place.

Fox News: Republican Study Committee urges party to zero in on border crisis, link to Biden’s ‘radical’ policies

  • An influential Republican caucus is urging the party to zero in on the escalating crisis at the southern border, and link it directly to President Biden’s "radical" immigration and border policies he has implemented since being inaugurated.

Breitbart: Exclusive- House Conservatives Release Playbook on How to Fight Joe Biden's Radical Immigration Agenda

  • The Republican Study Committee (RSC) will release a nine-page document on Tuesday afternoon exposing Democrat President Joe Biden’s radical immigration agenda and recommended steps on how congressional Republicans can stop it.

Breitbart: GOP Memo: Democrats Introduce Amnesty Policies to Make Biden ‘Border Crisis Worse’

  • The Republican Study Committee (RSC) is publishing a new memo on Thursday that will expose several immigration proposals from their Democrat counterparts that the conservative bloc of House members says will make the burgeoning crisis at the U.S. border with Mexico even “worse” than President Joe Biden already has.

​​​Breitbart: Watch: GOP Reps. Slam Joe Biden’s Great Migration into U.S. Jobs

  • President Joe Biden’s deliberate decision to invite many poor Central American migrants is hurting Americans, damaging the migrants, and enriching the coyotes and cartels, GOP legislators said in a coordinated set of speeches on the House floor.