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“Biden is pathetic”: Republicans rally behind McCarthy ahead of debt limit ‘X-date’

May 9, 2023
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Republican Study Committee Chairman Kevin Hern (OK-01) released the following statement after Speaker McCarthy and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell met with Democrat leaders at the White House to discuss a deal on raising the debt limit.

“Biden’s petulant refusal to negotiate in good faith with a co-equal branch of government is pathetic, especially from someone who calls himself a ‘deal maker’. This man has failed the American people time and time again, so this should come as no surprise,” said Chairman Hern. “Speaker McCarthy has the unified support of House and Senate Republicans. Meanwhile, the White House’s priority is spreading lies about the House’s bill. We passed our bill; we did our job. Now it’s time for the President to do his.”

Timeline of RSC Action on the Debt Limit

  1. January 11 – RSC hosted CBO Director Phil Swagel at the first RSC Lunch of the new Congress for a conversation on our nation’s debt crisis.
  2. January 19 – Chairman Hern wrote a letter to his colleagues on the Debt Limit, asking for submissions of policy proposals to be included in RSC’s framework. […see page 3]
  3. February 1 – The Steering Committee approved a framework of seven key principles for debt limit negotiations. […see page 6]
  4. March 1 – CBO Director Phil Swagel joined RSC again to deliver an update on our nation’s debt crisis. He warned that even though we have record high income, our debt is growing due to out-of-control spending. [… pics]
  5. March 8 – Chairman Hern released a policy menu of specific proposals, expanding on the seven principles for debt limit negotiations. [… see page 10]
  6. March 8 – RSC conducted a survey of Members, asking which policies should be tied to a debt limit increase. Energy security overwhelmingly won. [… see page 18]
  7. March 15 – RSC released the Debt Limit Playbook. […read]
  8. April 12 – Chairman Hern wrote to RSC Members calling for the passage of a strong debt limit bill before the end of the April legislative session. […read]
  9. April 26 – Chairman Hern wrote to RSC Members urging them to unify with our Senate Republican colleagues to defend every provision of the Limit, Save, Grow Act. [… read]
  10. May 2 – RSC published a memo: “Myth vs. Fact: Debunking Biden’s Lies about the Limit, Save, Grow Act” designed to assist RSC members in pushing back against Democrats’ lies. [… read]