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Sep 22, 2020
Press Release



100+ proposals to empower the workers of today and tomorrow


WASHINGTON – Today, the Republican Study Committee (RSC) – the largest caucus of conservatives in the House of Representatives – released Reclaiming the American Dream: Proposals to Empower the Workers of Today and Tomorrow (click here to view the full proposal). Spearheaded by RSC Chairman Mike Johnson (LA-04) and RSC American Worker Task Force (AWTF) Chairman Andy Barr (KY-06), the proposal is filled with 100+ conservative and solutions-oriented ideas to take a fresh, innovative, and comprehensive approach to lift up and empower America’s workers.

To achieve this goal, Congress must pass legislation that refines our education system to better equip the American worker; refocuses labor policy to unleash the American worker; and reimagines welfare to empower individuals & families. 

To view an execute summary of recommendations of Reclaiming the American Dreamclick here or scroll to the bottom of the page. 

“Congress has always had a duty to advance policies that empower hardworking Americans to achieve their goals, and that is especially true now in the wake of the economic fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the recommendations in this report, we can make the rebuilding and recovery process even faster and stronger," said Johnson. “I thank my friend Rep. Barr for his leadership on this task force, and I hope to see these policies made into law so we can provide greater opportunity for more Americans than ever before."

“The report released today by the AWTF could not be a more timely endeavor as it provides a roadmap that will empower millions of Americans to reclaim his or her American dream,” said Barr.  “These proposals debunk the bachelors-or-bust mentality and would realign our education system to level the playing field and clear a path for innovative and in demand career opportunities.  Additionally, our report recognizes the dignity of work and reforms our failed welfare systems that currently leave generations of Americans in a cycle of government dependence.  Our nation is at a cross-roads and this pro-worker agenda that emphasizes the American work ethic and capitalist successes will propel us forward to economic stability and prosperity.  I want to thank RSC Chairman Johnson for selecting me to lead this Taskforce as well as all my colleagues who participated for their valued input.”




Reclaiming the American Dream:

Proposals to Empower the Workers of Today and Tomorrow


Platform 1: Refine our Education System to Better Equip the American Worker

Roll back federal policies that have perpetuated today’s “Bachelor’s-or-Bust” mentality and create a framework that clears a path for innovative opportunities for tomorrow’s workers to seek employment in well-paying and in-demand industries. 

•Empower local educators and states to take control of education and expand choice for students and families by implementing legislation such as the A-PLUS Act and the Head Start Improvement Act.
•Curb the rising cost of tuition and lower student debt by reducing overall federal subsidies to higher education.
•Enact federal policies that encourage private lending, and the innovative models that would follow to enhance educational value. 

•Encourage appropriately priced remote instruction at higher education institutions. 

•Recalibrate federal student lending to ensure future employment outcomes are better incorporated into financial decisions. 

•Increase transparency and the information available to students to enable well-informed choices regarding college and field of study. 

•Encourage a strong connection between educators and employers to increase employment opportunities.
•Promote alternate pathways in education by leveling the playing field for Career and Technical Education in secondary and post-secondary education. 

•Encourage policies that allow employers to prioritize skills instead of degrees in hiring decisions. 


Platform 2: Refocus Labor Policy to Unleash the American Worker

Ensure every American can reach their potential by increasing and safe-guarding opportunities for workers to design careers that fit their needs, protecting workers’ rights, and providing additional opportunities for workers in their current positions.

•Increase apprenticeship opportunities by promoting and enhancing Industry-Recognized Apprenticeships (IRA).

•Increase employment opportunities by safe-guarding access to franchising and independent contracting, such as implementing the New GIG Act.

•Encourage policies that remove onerous barriers to licensed occupations.

•Promote worker growth with greater access to upskilling opportunities, flexible and rewarding compensation, and future savings.

•Reduce barriers that prevent workers from finding affordable, safe, and flexible child care options.

•Insulate remote work from undue tax burdens during the pandemic.

•Defend the right of American workers to choose how they want to be represented in workplace contract negotiations, protect those that stand up to corruption, and provide workers with relevant information related to union investments.

•Support ability of workers and employers to engage in alternative forms of labor management cooperation.


Platform 3: Reimagine Welfare to Empower Individuals & Families

Ensure welfare is used as a tool to lift people into meaningful and self-sustaining work while encouraging family formation and tackling the root causes of poverty. 

•Institute robust work requirements for able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWDs) and strong anti-fraud measures in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).
•Implement reforms of the JOBS for Success Act to refocus Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program to tackle the root causes of poverty, helping families achieve self-sustainability. 

•Reform housing assistance programs to eliminate duplication, create strong work incentives, encourage private investment and collaboration, and grant flexibility to focus on outcome-based approaches.
•Increase portability of housing benefits so workers can move to high-opportunity areas.
•Implement reforms of the Making DI Work for All Americans Act to modernize Social Security Disability Insurance’s (SSDI) work capability metrics and case handling. 

•Promote reforms to eliminate marriage penalties and policies that discourage family formation.
•Create robust verification and anti-fraud measures to ensure benefits go to those who earn them.
•Merge duplicative programs and grant more flexibility to local and state governments to pursue outcome-based approaches.