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Reps. Banks, LaMalfa, Introduce the Empower Parents to Protect Their Kids Act

Jun 22, 2022
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks and Congressman Doug LaMalfa introduced the Empower Parents to Protect Their Kids Act, legislation that would prevent K-12 schools from performing a “gender transition” on children behind their parents’ backs. This bill would also empower parents to sue schools that violate this Act by hiding or withholding information about their child’s “transition.” Their bill is companion legislation to Senator Tom Cotton’s bill.

The full bill text may be found here.

Said RSC Chairman Banks: “Our schools are a place for math and history education, not gender theory indoctrination. No parent should have to worry that their child’s school is enabling, promoting, or facilitating a child’s ‘gender transition’ behind their back. This important legislation protects parental rights and ensures federally funded schools are not laboratories for the Left’s radical agenda.”

Said Senator Cotton: “Schools should never be allowed to impose radical, harmful gender ideology on children—especially without parents’ knowledge and consent. My bill will protect students and ensure parents are in control of their children’s education. Schools must remain institutions of education, not indoctrination camps where minors are manipulated and brainwashed.”

This bill would ensure that all federally funded elementary school and secondary school employees abide by the following requirements regarding minor students:

•                     Receive parental consent before facilitating a student’s gender transition in any way.

•                     Do not withhold information from parents or coerce students to withhold information from their parents about their purported gender identity.

•                     Do not pressure parents or students to proceed with a gender transition.


American Principles Project, Eagle Forum, Heritage Action for America, Family Research Council, ForAmerica support this legislation.

Kris Ullman, President of Eagle Forum: "In a time where schools are imposing harmful ideologies, we must be vigilant in protecting the rights of parents. School officials should not coerce students to engage in gender altering procedures nor encourage them to withhold this information from their parents. Eagle Forum lends support to the Empower Parents to Protect Their Kids Act in order to keep parents at the forefront of their child's education." 

Meg Kilgannon, Senior Fellow for Education Studies, Family Research Council: “Not so long ago, the hubris of keeping secrets about children from parents was repugnant to all Americans. This dangerous practice is sadly mainstream, which makes legislation like the Empower Parents to Protect their Kids Act urgently needed. We are grateful to Representatives Banks and Lamalfa for introducing this bill which puts the best interests of children and families first, by protecting the God given role and rights of parents as the first and best protectors of their children. This bill stops institutions and individuals who seek to separate parents and children from using public schools to accomplish this injustice.”