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Official Positions

Official Positions for the 118th Congress: 

Debt Limit Priorities 

  1. Reverse recent increases in overall discretionary spending and institute statutory limitations on annual discretionary spending levels.

  2. Enact a package of inflation-busting reforms to increase domestic energy capacity and reduce associated regulatory and permitting barriers.

  3. Fight inflation and the onset of a Democrat-induced recession by ending the national COVID-19 emergency, increasing workforce participation, advancing targeted, paid-for, pro-growth tax policies, and countering overregulation with common-sense guardrails like the REINS Act.

  4. Ensure an increase in the debt ceiling is accompanied by commensurate spending reductions, including through recissions of the Democrats’ recent excessive spending.

  5. Eliminate wasteful spending on duplicative programs, examine ways to fight waste, fraud and abuse, and transition non-entitlement mandatory programs to the discretionary side of the budget.

  6. Establish a long-term fiscal control focused on reducing spending to restrain the growth of our federal debt as a percentage of the nation’s economy.

  7. Codify procedures to ensure the federal government honors certain critical obligations, such as federal debt payments, national security and veterans, Social Security and Medicare.

Border Priorities

  1. Restore Operational Control of the Border: Congress should statutorily provide for the immediate expulsion of aliens who cross the border illegally. If an alien cannot be detained through the entirety of the asylum determination process, DHS should be required to expel them. Additionally, Congress should codify the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), end “alternatives-to-detention,” legislatively prevent President Biden’s abuse of prosecutorial discretion and parole authority, and codify strict third-country asylum restrictions on illegal border crossers who did not seek protection in a country through which they traveled. 

  2. Asylum Reform: The asylum process is filled with exploitable loopholes, acting as magnets that draws even more aliens with meritless claims to flood across our border.  To prevent this exploitation, Congress must raise the credible fear standard, codify pre-Biden decisions ensuring asylum benefits do not extend to claims based on general local crime, and bar criminals from the asylum process.

  3. End Incentives for Illegal Immigration: Congress should eliminate incentivizes for illegal immigration, namely ending catch and release, cutting off illegal U.S. labor markets—including through strengthening E-Verify,  and ending policies that encourage human smuggling of unaccompanied alien children (UACs)— such as the Flores settlement. 

  4. Border Infrastructure: Congress should fund and require the completion of the border wall and build effective roadways along the border. This will give Border Patrol more time to quickly respond to illegal border crossers no matter how remote they are.

  5. Combat cartels: Cartels have taken operational control of our border largely controlling the smuggling of aliens and drugs into the U.S. Congress must address the cartel threat and end the humanitarian crisis at the border. Congress should sanction cartels and enhance criminal penalties for smuggling drugs and humans illegally into the U.S.